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My New She Shed Studio!

If you know me, you will know I’m messy. As in very messy. As in terribly messy. I have paint on most of my ‘nice, non-painting’ clothes, which have now become ‘painting’ clothes. And paint in my hair at the end of the day? How does that even happen?? In our house, we have a tiny little spare room/cupboard which we use for a … Read More My New She Shed Studio!


Gathering Inspiration

Although I grew up in an incredibly beautiful part of the world in Yorkshire, England, we lived pretty far from the coast. Although Yorkshire does have a stunning coastline, we were pretty landlocked and you didn’t pop to the sea, it was a full day event. I have so many happy childhood memories spent at the beach, most notably Whitby on the Yorkshire east … Read More Gathering Inspiration


Laze Collection 2021

It’s here – its finally here! Both my new collection of paintings and my first ever blog post!!! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen I’ve been in a painting frenzy with my new series of work that is heavily inspired by volcanoes. It is a series of canvas paintings of various sizes, each named after a rather fierce volcano from … Read More Laze Collection 2021