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‘Untamed’ Series Update

I wanted to share an update on my latest series of paintings ‘Untamed’. So far the collection is proving to be full of bold textures and vibrant, striking colours. If you’ve been following along on my Instagram page you will have seen a few sneak peeks of some of the paintings I’m working on. All of the works are on canvas. So far the … Read More ‘Untamed’ Series Update


New Year, New Prints

If you follow my website or my Instagram, you will know that last summer I released a series of work entitled ‘Laze’. The word laze is not made up (I promise!). It is a combination of the words lava and haze — is the product of a chemical reaction that happens when molten lava hits the ocean. For the Laze series of work, I wanted … Read More New Year, New Prints


Introducing The Untamed Series

“It looks like the beginning of the world, somehow: the sea looks older than in other places, the hills and rocks strange, and formed differently from other rocks and hills…The hill-tops are shattered into a thousand cragged fantastical shapes. The savage rock-sides are painted of a hundred colours. Does the sun ever shine here? When the world was moulded and fashioned out of formless … Read More Introducing The Untamed Series


3 Glorious Days on The Causeway Coast

If you haven’t been to the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland, what are you doing?? Go right now, immediately! Do not pass go! Do not collect $200… OK, maybe do collect the cash… Because then you can spend it all in this ridiculously awesome place! How do you do it Northern Ireland? Every place I visit gets more beautiful! I had the wonderful opportunity … Read More 3 Glorious Days on The Causeway Coast


Gathering Inspiration

Although I grew up in an incredibly beautiful part of the world in Yorkshire, England, we lived pretty far from the coast. Although Yorkshire does have a stunning coastline, we were pretty landlocked and you didn’t pop to the sea, it was a full day event. I have so many happy childhood memories spent at the beach, most notably Whitby on the Yorkshire east … Read More Gathering Inspiration

Whirlwind Trip To Portrush

Ever since we moved to Ireland, the waves have been calling our names. The surf scene in Ireland is pretty underrated, but there are several coastal spots that are ideal to catch a wave or two. The wild Atlantic coastline is wild and turbulent and there are heaps of beautiful beaches. Yes its cold, but that is what wetsuits are for right – yep, … Read More Whirlwind Trip To Portrush


Nature’s Mathematics

The universe is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries. Jorge Luis Borges Some of my recent paintings in my Laze series, although abstract, have been heavily inspired by volcanos and the destructive power and energy in nature. Following a trip to the UNESCO world heritage site the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, I was struck by the geometric forms … Read More Nature’s Mathematics


Volcanoes in Ireland?

When you think of Ireland, the first thing that springs to mind is certainly not volcanoes. Rolling green hills, yes. Wild, rugged cliff tops, yes. Wonderful traditional music and good craic, yes. Guinness, of course! But although Ireland is not necessarily known for its volcanoes, it certainly is a land that has experienced its fair share of volcanic activity. Of course, all of Ireland’s … Read More Volcanoes in Ireland?


My Trip to Donegal

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I had a cheeky few days break in Donegal in the north west of the Republic of Ireland. I had visited Donegal briefly before, so when the chance came to visit again I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. With travel having been so restricted, I hadn’t been anywhere for a VERY long time, but … Read More My Trip to Donegal