Original Abstract Artwork and Art Prints For Sale

My abstract paintings are full of colour and texture, based on the local coastal landscapes of the UK and Ireland. The coastline is full of paradox. The tranquil calmness of the glistening, turquoise ocean, contrasted with the frenetic, almost violent pounding of waves.

Shop art online and collect affordable, unique, one of a kind abstract artwork for your home. Beautiful abstract expressionist paintings for sale with bold, vibrant and energetic brushstrokes. Perfect for modern and stylish interiors.

Colourful and textured art for your home. Nature inspired canvas paintings, inspired by the chaos and calm of our landscapes, with an urban and contemporary edge. Statement wall art for contemporary living and elegant home decor. Artwork for sale updated seasonally.

See my About​ page for more info on my artistic process and to learn more about my abstract artwork. Original Abstract Artwork and Art Prints For Sale – shop below.

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