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So, how does a commission work?

It’s a lot of fun! The timeline to commission an original artwork takes a couple of months from start to end. It begins with establishing some key requirements for your painting such as size, colour, subject etc. Once a concept has been agreed upon, I will take a 50% payment as a deposit in order to purchase materials and allocate some of the hours that will be used for painting.

You will get the opportunity to provide feedback during the process to ensure that it is what you are expecting.

The painting will will be signed, sealed and ready for shipment to you in 1-2 months (all this will be discussed at the order stage), ready to hang in your home.


Fill out the form below and let’s start the conversation.

Complete the form without obligation to purchase. I’ll send you some FAQs and more information about the process.

What are the Benefits to Commissioning Artwork?

Commissioning abstract art offers a range of benefits:

Personalisation: Get exactly what you want. Commissioned artwork is tailored to your preferences, ensuring a unique and personalised piece that resonates with your vision and preferences.

Emotional Connection: Collaborating with an artist allows you to infuse emotions, memories, and stories into the artwork, creating a deeper connection.

Home Aesthetics: Custom abstract art complements your interior design, enhancing the ambiance and adding a distinct focal point to your space.

Size and Color Control: Commissioning ensures the art fits perfectly in terms of size, color palette, and style, harmonizing with your existing décor.

Supporting Artists: Commissioning supports artists directly, fostering creativity and sustaining the art community.

Conversation Starter: A unique commissioned piece often becomes a conversation starter, offering an opportunity to share the story behind the artwork.

One-of-a-Kind Artwork: Your commissioned piece is an exclusive creation, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your art collection.

Gift of Thoughtfulness: Commissioned art makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift, showcasing your consideration and effort in selecting the perfect present.

Artistic Collaboration: Collaborating with the artist during the creation process lets you witness the evolution of the artwork, fostering a sense of involvement and excitement.

Expressing Identity: A commissioned piece reflects your identity, values, and aspirations, making it a reflection of your personal journey.

Long-lasting Investment: Custom art often appreciates in value over time, making it a potential long-term investment.

Supporting Local Art: When commissioning from local artists, you contribute to your community’s cultural scene and creative economy.

Unique Gift: Commissioned art can serve as a unique and cherished gift for special occasions, conveying thoughtfulness and care.

Artistic Exploration: Collaborating with artists allows for innovative artistic exploration, resulting in fresh and intriguing interpretations of your ideas.

Memorable Experience: The process of commissioning, from ideation to final creation, offers a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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