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‘Wild Summer Gone’ – Original Painting on Canvas

I wanted to share a bit more with you about one of my favourite paintings in my current series. It is a bold and textured abstract art piece, painted with acrylics on cotton canvas.

I named it “Wild Summer Gone” and for me it perfectly embodies the spirit of the Spring/Summer 2023 series, “Untamed.” This vibrant artwork is an expression of nature’s raw beauty and the dynamic, ever-changing coastal landscapes of County Down in Ireland.

Inspiration Behind the Abstract Artwork:

“Wild Summer Gone” is a captivating blend of emotive and expressive marks, drawing inspiration from the local coastal landscapes of County Down in Ireland. The artwork captures the essence of the push and pull between light and dark, reflecting the ever-changing nature of these landscapes.

Abstract art invites you to embark on a journey of imagination. Unlike representational art, abstract pieces don’t dictate a specific narrative. Instead, they encourage you to explore and interpret, allowing your imagination to run wild. This open-ended quality invites you to engage with the artwork on a personal and intellectual level, sparking conversations and introspection.

My most recent body of abstract artwork is based on the wild and free Irish coastal landscapes of County Down. These are painted in a flow state, with no specific landmark in mind, but an emphasis on the push and pull between light and dark. The graphic, dynamic abstract paintings are a culmination of the raw emotion of the icy sea spray on a winter’s day. The frost on the hills overlooking the gloomy bay, the kelp forests dancing in the incoming grey tide. The foundation of the paintings is a muted colour palette, inspired by winter days, but the pop of colour signifying the arrival of spring – the tranquility and darkness juxtaposed with the vibrance of a new energy.

Originality and Expression:

“Wild Summer Gone” is a large original painting demonstrating my expressive approach to abstract art. The piece is created using professional acrylic on primed canvas, allowing for a rich and captivating representation of my emotional connection with the coastal landscapes.

Framing & Display:

The painting is framed in a natural pine floater frame, adding a touch of rustic charm and complementing the artwork’s essence. This frame not only enhances the visual impact but also provides a well-balanced presentation. As with all of my art, “Wild Summer Gone” is signed and sealed, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness as an original piece. The artwork comes ready to hang, making it easy to bring this extraordinary piece of nature-inspired abstract art into your life or collection.

The painting will ship approximately 1-2 weeks after purchase, ensuring its safe and secure delivery to your doorstep.

Note on Colours: Please keep in mind that colours may appear slightly different on various screens due to differences in display settings.

For me, “Wild Summer Gone” is one of my absolute favourite abstract art pieces that captures the ever-changing beauty of coastal landscapes in Ireland. If you’re seeking a unique addition to your art collection or a striking way to infuse your living space with the untamed essence of nature, this painting is an excellent choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of art that tells a powerful story of the shifting moods and beauty of our world. My hope is that this painting will captivate and inspire you.

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