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Benefits of Art Commissions

black and white abstract artwork on an easel

Commissioned Artwork – What Are The Benefits of Commissioning My Own Unique Painting?

As a UK-based abstract artist, I’ve had the pleasure of embarking on countless artistic journeys. Commissioned paintings are as unique as the wonderful individuals who commission them. There’s something truly special about crafting a piece of art that not only reflects my passion but also resonates deeply with you.

black and white abstract artwork on an easel. A commissioned painting

So, why consider commissioning a piece? You get to be a co-pilot in the artistic process. You are guiding the direction and witnessing the transformation of colours and shapes into a masterpiece that mirrors your vision and is tailored to you.

Commissioned paintings are available in any size to suit all budgets. Framing options are also available.

Black and white abstract artwork commissioned and framed and hung in bedroom as a modern and contemporary home interior decor

Buying art is a big decision – so it has to be perfect, right?? Perhaps you can’t choose between a few you really like? Or you love one in particular, but wish it was just a different colour or a bit bigger?? Whether it is inspired by one of my previous works or something brand new – why not commission a colourful, bold abstract art painting by Helena Tarn Art? I can commission work to any size to suit all budgets. Numerous framing options are also available.

I love working with people to make their ideas and visions a reality.

If you like my colourful and bold abstract art style and have an idea for a piece that would be uniquely meaningful to you or a loved one, please reach out and let’s chat. I am based in the United Kingdom and I commission abstract artwork and paintings which I ship worldwide.

artwork in Helena Tarn art's studio in commission process

So, how do you commission artwork?

It’s a lot of fun! The timeline to commission an original artwork takes a couple of months from start to end. It begins with getting in touch and establishing some key requirements for your painting such as size, colour, subject etc. Once we have agreed a concept, I will take a 50% payment as a deposit. This is so I can purchase materials and allocate some hours to use for planning, consultations with you and initial painting.

You will get the opportunity to provide feedback during the process to ensure that it is what you are expecting. I don’t want you to have any unwanted surprises along the way.

The painting will be signed, sealed and ready for shipment to you in 1-2 months (all this will be discussed at the order stage). It will be framed if requested and ready to hang in your home.

paint brushes in an artists studio

How much does it cost to commission a painting?

Ah yes, the big question. How much will it cost me? Most artists are willing to work with all budgets. This is something I will discuss upfront with you. Commissions usually cost more than a ‘ready to purchase’ painting. This is because a client has often chosen a specific subject or colour palette unique to them. This may not necessarily work with the artist’s current body of work. In addition, before paint is even added to the canvas, I spend many hours discussing and sketching out ideas with you. We want to make sure that the piece is absolutely perfect. There is a lot of behind the scenes with a commissioned piece of art.

Generally, the bigger the artwork, the more expensive the painting. But it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes, a large painting is requested, but if the subject matter is quite minimalist, it would take less time to paint than a small, but incredibly intricate artwork. The best advice is to discuss your vision and budget with me so we can come up with something affordable that you will love.

abstract artwork hung in stylish interior commissioned paintings

What are the benefits of commissioned paintings as unique pieces of art?

Where to begin with the benefits of commissioning a painting. Commissioning abstract art offers a range of benefits:

  • Personalisation: I will commission your artwork to your exact preferences, ensuring a unique and personalised piece that resonates with your vision.
  • Emotional Connection: Collaborating with an artist allows you to infuse emotions, memories, and stories into the commissioned painting, creating a deeper connection with your new artwork.
  • Home Aesthetics: Custom abstract art complements your interior design, enhancing the ambiance and adding a distinct focal point to your space.
  • Size and Colour Control: Commissioning ensures the art fits perfectly in terms of size, colour palette, and style, harmonising with your existing décor.
  • Supporting Artists: Commissioning supports artists directly, fostering creativity and sustaining the art community.
  • Conversation Starter: A unique commissioned piece often becomes a conversation starter, offering an opportunity to share the story behind the artwork. Each painting tells a treasured story.
  • One-of-a-Kind Artwork: Your commissioned piece is an exclusive creation, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your art collection.
pink abstract art commissioned for a contemporary interior
  • Gift of Thoughtfulness: Commissioned art makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift, showcasing your consideration and effort in selecting the perfect present.
  • Artistic Collaboration: Collaborating with the artist during the creation process lets you witness the evolution of the artwork, fostering a sense of involvement and excitement.
  • Expressing Identity: A commissioned piece reflects your identity, values, and aspirations, making it a reflection of your personal journey.
  • Long-lasting Investment: Custom art often appreciates in value over time, making it a potential long-term investment.
  • Supporting Local Art: When commissioning from local artists, you contribute to your community’s cultural scene and creative economy.
  • Unique Gift: Commissioned art can serve as a unique and cherished gift for special occasions, conveying thoughtfulness and care.
  • Artistic Exploration: Collaborating with artists allows for innovative artistic exploration, resulting in fresh and intriguing interpretations of your ideas.
  • Memorable Experience: The process of commissioning, from ideation to final creation, offers a memorable and enjoyable experience.

There is nothing quite like owning a piece of art made just for you. I love commissioned paintings. Whether it is inspired by one of my previous works or something brand new – please get in touch with no obligation to purchase.

Enquire here about collaborating with me and commissioning your very own artwork, tailored to your unique vision and home.

Click here to visit the “Commission’ section on my website. Fill out the form and I’ll send you some FAQs and more information about the commissioned paintings process.

Not sure about commissioning a painting? See my current artwork for sale.

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