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‘Untamed’ Series Update

I wanted to share an update on my latest series of paintings ‘Untamed’. So far the collection is proving to be full of bold textures and vibrant, striking colours. If you’ve been following along on my Instagram page you will have seen a few sneak peeks of some of the paintings I’m working on. All of the works are on canvas. So far the smallest painting is 20 x 30 cm and the largest, so far, is 60 x 91 cm. The paintings are mostly acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

All the paintings are inspired heavily by the glorious Antrim and Donegal coast in Ireland. Wild waves crashing against rocky coastlines, peppered with hidden golden coves with turquoise water peeking through. The Irish coastline is full of paradox. The tranquil calmness of the glistening, azure ocean, such as Malin Beg or Portsalon, begging you to sink into the cool blue waters, contrasted with the frenetic, almost violent pounding of waves at Malin Head or Ballintoy. At the same time calming but energetic, tranquil yet noisy. It truly is ‘Untamed’. There is nothing we can do to contain its power. It is savage, powerful, awesome, ferocious and free in its’ wild and natural state.

The paintings are not realistic and continue to be abstract in nature. But the coastline is a very definite and prominent feature. I love to paint abstract landscapes. My abstract, expressionistic style is the accumulation of feelings, landscape, bold textures and self-awareness that form colours and marks on canvas. My work is driven by the energy and chaos of the rocky coastline and the wildness and bleakness of the hills. It is a continuation of that energy and chaos. I hope to create a pronounced mood and distinct atmosphere, whilst respectfully leaving enough creative space for the individual viewer’s own imagination. You are led, almost enticed towards a concept, but never forced. My vision is not tell you what to see, to but to encourage deep and personal contemplation. For me personally, nature is a great muse. I love to share in my paintings how I feel when I’m surrounded by beautiful creation.

The colour palette for this series of work is varied and doesn’t stick to one colour scheme. However, they all maintain a vibrant nature and make an eye-catching statement. I have taken inspiration not just from the rocky coastline and the deep hue of the ocean, but from the radiant, kaleidoscopic sunsets that paint the sky and are reflected on the waves. From deep blues, to copper, to ochre, to brilliant neon pink, these paintings are all statements pieces that I hope will capture the wildness and untamed personality of the coast.

Some of the smaller paintings were pre-released at the end of December and are available to purchase from Framewerk Gallery in Belfast, along with ‘Look For The Light’, which was the first larger piece of the collection.

‘Look For The Light’ 50 x 50 cm. Available from Framewerk Gallery

‘Look For The Light’ is a bold, vibrant acrylic work on canvas that I hope embodies the energy and chaos of waves crashing against a backdrop of the stormy skies. A heavily textured painting, the wild dark blue waves, the turquoise sea spray and the neon pink pop; a quivering melting pot of colour. The title shows that even in the darkness there is light – we just need to look for it. Even in the storm there is beauty.

I’m currently working on another six paintings that will be ready for release in February 2022. So far the focus has been the stunning sunsets as the sun goes down. The pink, magenta and orange that lights up the sky. My hope is that you experience raw and authentic art, art that connects with your brave, vulnerable soul. Art that energises you and enables you to become as powerful and bold as the landscapes I seek to represent.

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