Bold, colourful abstract artwork for contemporary and vibrant living.

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New Original Paintings

Introducing ‘Laze’ – a series of bold abstract paintings inspired by the dramatic and fierce energy of volcanoes.

For this series, I wanted to embody the chaotic energy and explosive force of nature – a natural phenomenon resulting in both awe and terror and which has captivated humankind for centuries.

Each striking painting is named after one of the world’s most fear inspiring volcanoes. Bold brush strokes and vibrant pops of colour form the basis of each statement piece.

Original Artwork

Collect a one of a kind, original piece of art for your home.

Abstract expressionist paintings with bold, vibrant and energetic brush strokes. Inspired by the chaos and calm of our natural surroundings with an urban edge.

A perfect statement piece for contemporary living.

Updated seasonally.

My painting is beyond beautiful. I absolutely love it! Helena has captured the spirit of a sunset perfectly, so vibrant and rich, but also peaceful and meditative – you really lose yourself in it!” – Sara

Hey there, I’m Helena.

Inspired by the natural beauty of my home town, my colourful abstract artwork boldly depicts the rich, wild landscapes – a place where the lush Mourne Mountains sprawl into the stormy Irish sea.

“I love my painting… you don’t just see, but ‘feel’ the colours. They transport you to a world outside your own.” – Rachael

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